5 Style Archetypes

Find your Style Voice

Creating the best image for yourself means that you should start dressing in the style you enjoy the most and push beyond the "usual". To discover the new you, find balance between your inner and outer self, and successfully translate it into versatile wardrobe, you have to know what your style voice is. Style voice you ask? 

Your style voice is your unique clothing choices, what you wear and how you wear it... on the regular basis. Sometimes it's hard to figure out what we like when there are so many trends popping up everywhere. 

There are five categories of style that I focus on. Any other "style" that you hear about can be placed in these categories. They are: Eclectic, Edgy, Classic, Casual, and Romantic. Contrary to what most women think, you are MORE than one style. Your personal style is usually a blend of 2-3 styles. You may have a dominant style and that is the one you want to think about as I go through the 5 archetypes.

Eclectic Style

First up is the Eclectic Style. I'm starting with that one because most people start with Classic... call me a rebel!

The eclectic style is unusual, unexpected, artistic looking clothing combinations. This style assumes that any look can be turned into a work of art. It’s the perfect styling direction if you like to experiment with shapes and proportions, include unusual design elements, and use color bravely.

It has elements of dramatic oversize, layering, 2 or more statement pieces in one outfit, creative design, bold color combinations, avant-garde, mix of prints, art inspired elements, mix of modern and vintage, slogans, and unusual accessories.

Edgy Style

The Edgy Style can be achieved through sexy, sometimes provocative or avant-garde clothing combinations. The silhouettes accentuate the curves and shape of a woman’s body. It’s the perfect styling direction if you feel the most comfortable wearing tight or oversized, sexy, cool, and dramatic clothes that make a great impression on others.

Some of the elements of edgy style are fitted silhouettes, dramatic oversize, see-through fabrics, low v-neck, high slits, open back, open shoulders, total black, total red, bold colors, animal prints, leather, punk/rock/grunge details, gold, and lace.

Classic Style

The Classic Style can be achieved through a conservative choice of design, pattern, and colors. It’s the perfect style direction for those who find beauty in classic feminine silhouettes, well-structured or tailored pieces, clean lines and high quality materials.

Some of the elements of classic style are fitted silhouettes, A-silhouettes, classic design, natural materials (silk, wool, cotton, velvet), neutral colors, tailored jackets, crisp cotton shirts, knee or midi length for skirts and dresses, suits, classic cardigans, classic design of shoes and accessories, silk scarves, and delicate jewelry.

Romantic Style

The Romantic Style comes to life through ultra feminine design elements like flowers, ruffles, bows, and pastel or light color choices. The silhouettes accentuate the beauty of women’s body curves. It is the perfect direction if you have a light, romantic and dreamy personality and you love to charm others.

Some of the elements of romantic style are A-silhouettes, feminine design, soft fabrics, flower details, polka dot pattern, bow details, ruffles, delicate lace, bell/puffy sleeves, pink, and retro accessories.

Casual Style

The Casual Style is defined through comfortable, simple, and effortless looking clothing combinations. It’s the perfect style direction for those who like natural looks, wear no or little makeup, calm or neutral colors, and soft and pleasant materials. The silhouettes make you feel free, comfy and cozy.

Elements of casual style are loose silhouettes, cozy oversize, safari inspired items, denim, athleisure, earthy colors/soft natural fabrics, folklore/boho inspired items, cozy scarves, large bag/backpack, sneakers, and flat shoes.

This is, of course, not an exhaustive list but should give you a good idea of the main style archetypes and which categories speak to your style aesthetic. I find that I'm a mix of Classic, Casual, and Edgy... Can you guess which is my dominant Style Archetype? Which one resonates with you most?