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  • $75

    Body Shape Analysis

    A 45-minute in-depth body shape analysis session that will teach you what body shape you have and how to dress correctly for your size and shape.

    - 1:1 session tailored to your style and wardrobe goals

    - Personalized Style Blueprint

  • Intentional Capsule

    A capsule wardrobe is a highly versatile collection of pieces selected for quality over quantity, and usually features a neutral color palette, which most people think is boring. 

    A capsule wardrobe doesn't have to be a specific number of items because everyone has a different lifestyle with different needs. A capsule wardrobe doesn't have to be all neutral colors and boring. It should represent your style and personality, just like any other wardrobe.

    Have you been longing to start your capsule wardrobe but felt discouraged by the "rules"? 

    Knowing that your image reflects the true you can give you the confidence boost that you didn't know you needed. A unique and well put together style gives you a powerful presence. 

    I can help you curate that power with this virtual package. If you find yourself in your closet and just not loving what you have there, it may be time to get intentional. ~2 weeks

  • Intentional Wardrobe

    Are you overwhelmed with closet chaos? Or maybe you just want a less complicated wardrobe? When you feel comfortable and know you look good, you feel empowered to be more visible in your life. You’re able to show up as the real you and focus on the things that really matter to you. 

    This package is perfect for someone who is looking for a style refresh, has gone through a significant lifestyle change (i.e. weight gain or loss, occupation change), or is lacking confidence in navigating the shopping process on their own. ~4 weeks

  • Confident Style Curator

    The Confident Style Curator: Your Complete Capsule Wardrobe Building Method

    When was the last time you invested in yourself? When you’re comfortable and confident in your clothes, it changes how you behave and how you show up - you’re more self-assured, more positive, and have more impact. I can help you feel confident in your style and how you present yourself to the world. ~8 weeks

Work with me

Services Offered


My Philosophy

My process is more than just about fashion. It’s about getting to know yourself on a deeper level, and identifying what truly makes you feel extraordinary. My super-power is helping you identify and define your personal style in the simplest way possible. I work with you, one on one, giving you specialized attention. Are you ready to transform your life and feel amazing about yourself each day?

Style Consultation

First thing’s first… working with me starts with a style consultation. It’s a way for us to get to know each other, and for me to learn a bit more of your wardrobe/style goals, your lifestyle, what you like/dislike about your wardrobe, and how you want to feel when you get dressed. My process is very much like therapy. My goal is to simplify your life, and to help you feel beautiful and confident in every outfit you create!


Once we've determined your style and your lifestyle, we take a look at your current wardrobe pieces. Then make a list of the items missing from your wardrobe that you need to create your style. I then shop for you or with you, depending on the package you choose. 

Create Outfits

Then we create outfits from the items you purchased, as well as what's in your wardrobe.

Visual Guide

Once we’ve gone through everything and before we end our time together, I will create downloadable files, depending on the package you choose:

- A “Style Blueprint” with some guidelines specific to you

- A moodboard for instant inspiration

- A custom outfit formula guide, to make getting ready an absolute breeze

- A personalized list of stores that is customized to match your style

*NOTE: All of my services can be done virtually, just ask for more info

Wardrobe Planning Guides

Create A Beautiful Wardrobe With Any Of These Guides

Dose this sound like you?

"I have a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear!"

You’re spending money, but are you really investing in yourself?

Are you actually fixing the issues that are causing you to feel fed up, disappointed and frustrated with your wardrobe?


Feeling completely confident every time you walk out of the house.

Looking forward to presenting at your next meeting.

Going to an event and being one of the best-dressed women in the room.

Choose any of the Wardrobe Guides I have and create the wardrobe you've always wanted!

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