Stephanie Hicks Co

I enable women of faith, who have been wounded by the church or that feel like the 'black sheep' of their church community, to identify and remove barriers in order to develop a sustainable, intentional life plan. My signature AAA Coaching Method rests on the three pillars of Awareness, Acceptance, and Alignment.

Rather than a one-size-fits-all solution, together we will work through a custom plan that fits your unique needs and focuses on these core areas to help you not only figure out exactly what you want and where you want to go, but also start taking the steps to get there.

As your Transformation Coach, you can think of me as a guide who is here to empower you throughout your journey. I’ll provide ongoing accountability and support through the transformation process and help keep you on track and moving forward. Together we will also navigate any obstacles or challenges that arise.

My mission is to guide you to identify and pursue your purpose in simple and practical ways.

My vision is to help you harness your true power: awareness, acceptance, and alignment of faith and identity.

Your Coach

Meet Stephanie

I'm a spiritually grounded Transformation Coach and educator. I help women of faith who feel like the 'black-sheep' of their church community, find alignment between their identity and their faith. 

I believe that anyone can live their dream life when given the proper tools and guidance. I know that life isn't always peaches and cream. In my own journey I have been through many struggles around my identity and finding balance with my faith. But the truth us that life unfolds for you in miraculous ways when you live a life based on balance, spiritual awareness, and mental clarity.

Ultimately I want you to show up in a way that authentically reflects your personality, your faith, and who you are as a leader. Along the way you’ll build awareness, acceptance, and confidence in your skills, talents, and gifts… all while learning to fully trust yourself.