Stephanie Hicks Co

I enable the creative woman to identify and remove barriers in order to develop a sustainable, intentional life plan. She is then freed up to discover and pursue her purpose while focusing on increasing self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-esteem; which allows her to show up in the world with intention.

I am committed to helping you to better understand your strengths, eliminate negative narratives, and inspire consistency with how you look and feel in your own skin. Together, we will create a cohesive and confident plan for your life's work. This conscious and efficient approach to building confidence will not only enhance your style but also simplify your life, allowing more time, money, and focus on what’s most important.

I will teach you skills (not rules) to living and embracing your true passion because one size does NOT fit all. I believe that everyone must be free to experiment with varying colors and styles, unhindered by the "shoulds". Here, body and color types are used for general guidance only. I strive to get to know your needs, likes, preferences, lifestyle, and vision. My goal is to assist you in creating a style and image that works for you, instilling as much confidence as possible... inside and out!

My mission is to guide you to identify and pursue your passions in simple and practical ways.

My vision is to help you harness your true power, acceptance, awareness, and alignment towards living a more intentional life.

Your Coach

Meet Stephanie

I'm a Confidence & Style Coach and educator. I enjoy using my keen listening skills to understand what is truly troubling women with their wardrobes. Most clients describe me as a loyal, confident, and creative entrepreneur. My family & friends would probably agree, but they might also say that I can be very direct as well! I have a passion for helping people create their own sense of style with comfort.

I've always supported my friends with their wardrobe and style. I'm the friend that you take shopping, not only because I have a good eye, but because I will be honest when you need it most.

I graduated with a degree in Respiratory Therapy and worked, caring for patients, as a therapist for seven years. This is FAR from the career that I have now... or is it?

When I decided to homeschool my kids, I knew life would need to change for me. I would no longer be able to work twelve-hour shifts and still be available for my family. I had some vital choices to make. 

In my search to find my passion, I knew that it had to involve serving and encouraging others. Combining my love for fashion with my love and desire to help others, inspired my business.

I am a Personal Development junkie and love challenging myself to grow and evolve in my thoughts, confidence, and care for others. This process and mindset have allowed me to unveil what true personal style and confidence entails. It's about owning who you are, loving yourself, and using clothes and fashion to express those truths. My journey has awakened in me a passion for guiding women towards owning who they are, experiencing life as themselves, with the knowledge that they CAN. I will harness my passion, skills, and expertise to draw out the very best in you.