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Services Offered

  • $75

    Body Shape Analysis

    A 45 minute in depth body shape analysis session that will teach you what body shape you have and how to dress correctly for your size and shape.

    - Learn what silhouettes look best on you

    - Includes a body shape guide and a discussion on complimentary accessories

  • Starting at $50

    Color Discovery

    This one hour color anaysis is one of the first steps in creating a wardrobe you love... discover your true colors. 

  • starting at $400

    Confident Closet Packages

    A wardrobe evaluation is a great way to refresh your wardrobe. The experience begins with an in-depth consultation to identify your clothing loves, hates, budget and lifestyle needs. I will give you my honest and expert opinion on outfits that will flatter your body shape as well as guidance on which colors suit you best. Afterwards we do a thorough closet edit so that I can evaluate what works for you. 

  • Starting at $50

    Personal Styling

    From the very second you walk into a room, your style tells a story.

    Show up in clothes that are carefully chosen to make you feel amazing and empowered. 

    Getting the attention, interest, and respect you deserve and desire doesn’t happen accidentally — you have to make it happen with your look.

    I help women just like you use their style to accomplish their wildest dreams. Whether you’re looking to update an old wardrobe, need to look amazing for a speaking engagement or photoshoot, or just want to feel beautiful and at home in your clothes every single day, I’m here to help.

  • $200

    Quick Closet Cleanse

    In 2 hours, we'll discover your best silhouette, edit out the bad apples and define your style.

    - 30 minute consultation to discuss your lifestyle, inspiration and goals

    - A 2 hour session to identify what's not working

    - Create 5 outfits from your current wardrobe

    - A digital mini-lookbook/photo log


My Philosophy

My process is more than just about fashion. It’s about getting to know yourself on a deeper level, and identifying what truly makes you feel extraordinary. My super-power is identifying and defining your personal style. I work with you, one on one, giving you specialized attention. Are you ready to transform your life and feel amazing about yourself each day?

Style Consultation

First thing’s first… working with me starts with a style consultation. It’s a way for us to get to know each other, and for me to learn a bit more of your wardrobe/style goals, your lifestyle, what you like/dislike about your wardrobe, and how you want to feel when you get dressed. My process is very much like therapy. My goal is to simplify your life, and to help you feel beautiful and confident in every outfit you create!

Visual Guide

Once we’ve gone through the style consultation and closet assessment, we will have clarified a lot about you and your style. After our time together, I will create a few downloadable files:

A moodboard for instant inspiration

A “Style Packet” with some guidelines specific to you

A custom outfit formula guide, to make getting ready an absolute breeze

A personalized list of stores that is customized to match your style

Wardrobe Planning Guides

Create A Beautiful Wardrobe With Any Of These Guides

You’re buying lots of cheap clothes that clutter up your closet. 

You’re spending money, but are you really investing in yourself?

Are you actually fixing the issues that are causing you to feel fed up, disappointed and frustrated with your wardrobe?


Feeling completely confident every time you walk out of the house.

Looking forward to presenting at your next meeting.

Going to an event and being one of the best-dressed women in the room.

Choose any of the Wardrobe Guides I have and create the wardrobe you've always wanted!

Closet Confidence For You

One-To-One Done For You

The Closet Confidence For You package means all your wardrobe needs are taken care of from start to finish, without having to leave your home. 

I refresh your current wardrobe: ditching items that no longer serve you, creating new outfits with your existing items and identifying the pieces you need to add that will ensure that your wardrobe works hard for you! 

I identify your authentic personal style and design a capsule wardrobe that works for you.

I create your own personal “look book” of outfits from your wardrobe to give you inspiration and as a permanent reference guide.

I don’t just look at your clothes - I also work with you to develop a self-care routine that gives your mind, body and soul the time to rest and rejuvenate.

From the initial consultation and the review of your existing wardrobe to in-home fittings with new clothing options that fit your personal style and your lifestyle. You never have to be concerned about the stress of going to the mall.