• Intentional Wardrobe Series

    Building An Intentional Wardrobe… (New?… Start Here)

    Let’s start a series for building an Intentional Wardrobe. Building an Intentional Wardrobe is the process of perfecting your closet and maintaining it over time so that it works for you and your lifestyle. This sounds like something we would all LOVE to do, right? Many of us want to, but have no idea where to start or what steps to take. 

  • Intentional Wardrobe Series

    Clearing Your Wardrobe

    I’m really excited to start this series off with you, and hope you’ll join me in building your wardrobe with intention. There are five detailed steps, as well as all the tips and tricks I’ve learned in creating my wardrobe. Along the way I’ll show you how to create your wardrobe so it’s easy to get dressed in the morning, and you always look and feel great. Thanks for all your questions last week too, we’re going to make sure to address those in this series too.

  • Intentional Wardrobe Series: 

    Define Your Style

    Welcome back for Step 2 of the Intentional Wardrobe series! In the last post we talked about Clearing Your Wardrobe, today I’ll help you define your style. You’re going to read through this post and then take a weekend out to follow the steps. You’ll be SO glad you did. Take this time for yourself because you’re worth it and because it will save you time and energy in the long run.

  • Intentional Wardrobe Series

     Choosing Your Essentials

    In the last post, we talked about Defining Your Style. Today we focus on essentials. Wardrobe essentials are foundational pieces/items that make up the core of your style. They are the starting point of all your outfits and they go beyond seasons. A wardrobe with solid key pieces is the best way to dress better. How do you know if an item is an essential piece or not? Well… simply put, they make your life easier and there would be no style without it. Whether dressing to go to an interview, work or travel, they are the items that get regular wear. The essential can be adapted to a special event by adding a different color, trend or accessory.

  • Intentional Wardrobe Series

    Creating Your Color Palette

    Welcome back to the Intentional Wardrobe Series, I hope you’ve been following along and having a great time in the process. In the last post we chose Your Essentials, today we’ll be creating your color palette! Look how much we’ve accomplished… Just a couple more steps to go and your closet should begin to look exactly how you’ve envisioned for SO long! Let’s go…

  • Intentional Wardrobe Series

    Maintaining Your Wardrobe

    We are in the home stretch of you having the wardrobe of your dreams. In the last post we talked about Creating a Color Palette that’s suitable for you and your style. Let’s talk about ways of maintaining your wardrobe with intention.


    Hey there! I hope you’re getting ready for cool weather. Here in Cali it’s not quite there yet but it’ll happen soon… I hope. Even though it’s not cool yet, it is TECHNICALLY autumn, so I’ve got my eye on cute outfits. I’ve got a few core pieces that could make your fall wardrobe run a bit smoother. Here are 8 Fall Essentials that you need in your wardrobe. These pieces work for most styles and can level-up your wardrobe. Let’s get into it!

  • Update Your Fall Wardrobe

    Depending on where you live Fall is either coming or it’s already here. You may be wondering how you can update your fall wardrobe for the coming season. “What do I need to add to my closet for fall?” “What can I keep from last year?” “How do I know what’s worth purchasing?” Here are 6 easy tips to help you update your wardrobe for fall!

  • What’s My Style?

    Classic and Minimal

    I’ve been getting a lot of questions with people trying to figure out what style they have, so I’m starting a series called “What’s My Style?”. Because there are SO many style (and combinations), I’ll cover two styles in each post. I’ve done a snippet of some of these on my Instagram and Facebook pages, but here we’ll get a little more in depth. I also have a series here about building an intentional wardrobe that covers Defining Your Style. Let’s start with Classic and Minimal.

  • What’s My Style?

    Bohemian and Eclectic

    Glad you cane back to join me for this series called "What's My Style?" The two styles we'll cover today are Bohemian and Eclectic styles. I've done a snippet of some of these styles on my Instagram and Facebook pages, but here we'll get a little more in depth. I also have a series here about building an Intentional Wardrobe taht covers defining your style. Once you've completed this series, try my series on building an Intentional Wardrobe. That series is a walk through of how to clean you wardrobe out and get rid of items that you don't wear. If that interests you, Click here to get started.

  • 4 Tips For Holiday Shopping

    The holiday season is officially here! That means Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and many other deals for you to wade through. These deals can be tempting and enticing. Let me arm you with useful tips to keep you focused and to make shopping bearable. These tips should also help you save time and money.

  • How To Build A Strong Foundation

    I’m so glad you’re joining me in the new year! To get this year started off right, I thought we’d visit the idea of new beginnings. How does that translate to your wardrobe? Well, we go back to the very beginning and analyze our wardrobe foundation.

    The fashion industry kinda leads us to believe that in order to have the perfect wardrobe means having a closet full of clothes, and that’s just not true.

  • Sacrifice for Beauty...?

    You don't have to sacrifice your health to use products that work. 

    Did you know that the European Union has banned or partially restricted 1,400 chemicals in personal care products? The U.S.? 30... 30!

  • How To Discover Your Passion

    It seems everywhere you turn these days someone is spreading this message of following your heart, your passion, or your dream.

    Me! I'm one of the people telling you to do that!

  • Finding Purpose

    What's your mission statement?

    Not the one from your workplace or your community group. What is your own personal mission statement?

    Most people don’t know theirs and haven't even thought of making one. It’s a pretty big question to ask yourself, I mean, it's your reason for being on this planet!

  • Living Your Dreams

    What’s your dream job?

    What would you be happy to do for FREE?

    Well, THAT'S your dream job. And the best thing? You get paid for it!

  • 4 Get Ready Tips For Busy Moms

    Sometimes family life can feel like a little crazy, and no matter how wonderful (and did I mention crazy!) it all is, we all could use a few tips on keeping it all together, especially style-wise. Just because you’re doing school drop off or teaching, your full-time job, and then playground duty, doesn’t mean you don’t want to look great, right? RIGHT! (<– That’s the correct answer in case you were wondering) So I’m here to help you with 4 get ready tips for busy moms.

  • Get Out of Your Way

    We’re all aiming for our own version of moving from surviving to thriving. Be grateful if you're here because there are a lot of people simply struggling to make ends meet, to put food on the table, and to keep a roof over their families head. It all depends on your perspective, and how self-aware you are. How well do you know your biggest limitations and blocks?

  • I'll Meet You There

    How do you hold your BIG vision, when your no where you want to be in this moment?

    How do you stay driven, empowered and faith-full to that vision, when it feels so far away?

    These are questions that many of my clients think and ask about. 

  • What is Life Coaching?

    Too many of us believe that life can be assembled like a table from Ikea. This part goes here, that part goes there, put this thing on top and viola! You have yourself a fully functioning adult... or new table...whichever!

  • Prioritize Your Passions

    Here's something you know: what fuels you, what you love, what puts a smile on your face, and what makes you feel whole. So why is it that you often don’t make time for these very things?

  • Live Your Values

    Have you ever thought about what your values are? 

    Values is a big area of focus for my coaching clients because understanding how to craft and create your values helps you to build a life that is in alignment with who you are to the core. 

  • Get Unstuck

    My clients often come to me for coaching because they need help in moving their life forward.

    They feel STUCK.

  • Strength Finder

    Strengths work is often a foreign concept for a lot of my clients, and it’s not really a surprise since we live in a society that is bent on “being well-rounded” instead of maximizing and harnessing our natural talents.

  • Path to Your Passion

    The road to discovering your passion is full of pot holes, winding bends, sharp corners, delays and even u-turns.

  • Living Your Life

    Intentional Living is the whole notion of living on purpose and being conscious about the choices we make, the way we lead our life and the type of lifestyle we get to create.

  • Do You Fear Failure?

    Failing is the only common theme between people that achieve great things.

    Failure is a PART OF success!

  • 7 Common Reasons We Hold On

    Many of us, myself included, have a hard time letting go of some of our clothes, even though we no longer love or wear them. I started looking at some of the reasons we keep clothes we don’t wear anymore and there are some common reasons we all share. We face many of these stumbling blocks when trying to Detox our closet. 

  • Route to Success

    Many of my clients come to me to increasing their fulfilment with work. They want to find work that excites them, that gives them meaning, that feels GOOD, but aren’t exactly sure what that looks like for them.

  • Your One Thing

    Everyone wants less distractions, less stress, less demands... simplicity! I mean, who doesn't, yet we busy ourselves when we have free time or fill up our calendars so that we don't have any white space available. 

  • What Are Your Goals?

    I’ve been reviewing my business and personal goals. Every time I do this I immediately feel motivated, and inspired into action. I’ve felt a little uninspired this last week, and I think it’s because I've knocked out so many of my goals, and I hadn’t actually sat down to make new ones.

  • Who's in Your Circle?

    Who are the biggest presences in your life today? How are they impacting your life? Is it a positive one? Also, what kind of impact do you have on their life?


Define Your Style

Let me help you define your style and create a life where you shine!

We'll discuss:

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- Your wardrobe goals

- What you need to align the two

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