Get Ready In Record Time!

4 Get Ready Tips For Busy Moms

Sometimes family life can feel like a little crazy, and no matter how wonderful (and did I mention crazy!) it all is, we all could use a few tips on keeping it all together, especially style-wise. Just because you’re doing school drop off or teaching, your full-time job, and then playground duty, doesn’t mean you don’t want to look great, right? RIGHT! (<– That’s the correct answer in case you were wondering) So I’m here to help you with 4 get ready tips for busy moms.


Build a wardrobe of great essentials that you can rely daily. Pieces that look great and work with each other, offer so much ease in the morning. When everything can be mixed and matched, you have an easier time choosing an outfit because it all goes together. Plus it allows you more freedom to throw in ANY color you want, since all your essentials are in neutral tones.

An easy formula to keep in mind: leggings or jeans + t-shirts or thin pullover sweaters + a jacket you love (denim, blazer, cardi or cargo) = quick style


When choosing your classics, keep a color palette in mind, so no matter which pieces you pull, everything will look great together. Your color palette with a white, grey, navy blue or black shirt, you’ll have an almost endless number of looks.


With a wardrobe of basics, you’re ready to go…almost. The third key to getting out the door in stylish is accessories! Good accessories can take an outfit from good to “she’s always so put together” in minutes. Add-ons like shoes, scarves, jewelry, bags and outerwear is where you can really express YOUR style and taste.


Now you have a versatile wardrobe and stylish accessories, what else can you do to make sure your mornings go as smoothly as they can? Put your outfit together the night before! Get the shoes and everything else that will pull your look together. Look for anything that needs to be ironed or fixed, and set it aside in an easy-to-grab-from place for the morning. Pull the kids’ clothes, too if you’re feeling plucky! “But Steph, in the evening I’m just trying to lay down and rest!” Ok, ok, I hear ya… I’m the same way from time to time. What helps me on those days is having a gallery of pics to choose outfits from on my phone. You can accomplish this in many ways with apps, but an easy hack is just to take pics of your outfit daily and save them to a folder in your photos on your phone. This way, when you’re running late or have a style block you can refer back to some of the amazing outfits that you’ve already put together. You could also make a Pinterest style board and copy some of the styles you’ve pinned.