Get Out of Your Way

We’re all aiming for our own version of moving from surviving to thriving. Be grateful if you're here because there are a lot of people simply struggling to make ends meet, to put food on the table, and to keep a roof over their families head. It all depends on your perspective, and how self-aware you are. How well do you know your biggest limitations and blocks?

Studies have shown that when people have enough money to survive, any more money on top of that won’t actually change their level of happiness. How's that for perspective. In our western culture we’re SO focused on earning more, buying a bigger house, a better car, going on that overseas trip, and updating our wardrobe, but statistically speaking, none of those things will increase your happiness.

So instead of chasing the dollars, you will be much more fulfilled turning your focus inwards to improve your inner life, not your outer one.

If you're going to use money is to enhance your happiness, it must be used to support aspects of life that themselves bring happiness to you. Money is a good servant but a bad master.

But even when you ‘have everything’, it can still leave you feeling empty on the inside. My clients are successful in their lives (by the world's standards): they are smart, they have great jobs, they have wonderful relationships and good health, yet they still seek more. In my experience it’s because they are disconnected from themselves and their true purpose.

You can tick off goals, climb the corporate ladder, and busy yourself to the point of exhaustion, but if you don’t have a WHY, you end up feeling unfulfilled. Without a sense of purpose and a deep knowing of who you are, life can feel very mundane. Maybe you've found yourself asking “What’s the point?” 

When you move from survival mode to comfort, the first thing you seek is a sense of fulfilment, meaning, belonging, and inner happiness. Prosperity allows us to turn our attention to more transcendent matters, to yearn for more than just of material comfort. It allows us to think and yearn for a life of meaning, balance, and joy.

We are complex beings, with multiple, often contradictory desires, needs and wants. It can be hard to navigate our minds and hearts all alone, it’s a very confusing place to be sometimes.

We want stillness, stability, peace and at the same time we want stimulation, challenges, excitement... simplicity without boredom. 

Let's think back to last year, and the year before that. Did you create intentions for those years? *Note that I didn't ask if you created resolutions. What did you want to achieve or change? Did you get there?

If not, have you considered why? Why do you think your dreams were out of reach? Historically, blocks don’t change all that much, you face the same challenges time and time again. Have you found that?

If you really thought about it, your block was probably not about time, money, or resources. The number one block is ususally ourselves. YOU are the biggest barrier to your own happiness, and therein lies why it’s so difficult to make significant changes alone.

Are you starting to see now that the real limitation is YOU?

Your procrastination. Your ego. Your lethargy. Your poor food/drink choices. Your lack of self compassion. Your bad habits. The knowledge you neglect. The creativity that’s not expressed. Not knowing WHO you really are... I could go on.

This can be hard to hear. As it’s a lot easier and convenient to blame external circumstances; time, money, resources, other people, etc. for why you don’t have what we want, but really, none of those things matter if your mindset is on a negative feedback loop.

Want to do it differently?

That’s where I come in. . . I’ll be your coach, your accountability partner, your cheerleader when you forget your vision. I will challenge you, support you, and love you fiercely. I will ensure you get to where you want to go, no exceptions... tough, compassionate love baby!

If you’d like to work with me, let’s schedule a Discovery Session to explore what’s possible. Private coaching spaces are limited.