What Are Your Goals?

I’ve been reviewing my business and personal goals. Every time I do this I immediately feel motivated, and inspired into action. I’ve felt a little uninspired this last week, and I think it’s because I've knocked out so many of my goals, and I hadn’t actually sat down to make new ones.

Having big, scary goals to pull you forward is essential to my daily feelings of motivation and energy. If I don't have something I'm working towards, I start to lose momentum and feel scattered.

How do you keep track of your vision and goals?

I know people are going digital to keep track of their goals, but I’m a pen and paper fan. There's just something about having a hardcopy, plus I feel like I stare at technology so much, so it’s one less time I need to have my phone in my hand. I write my BIG vision and goals out in a beautiful template, but the monthly, weekly and daily kind and everything is connected to my big vision. 

You should read your big vision and goals daily to keep them top of mind, and also at the top of your agenda.

We are so busy, we rush from one thing to the next, but what about the things that really matter? What about the actions required to bring you closer to your goals? These are important, but we don’t place a high priority on them, mostly because we aren't being intentional about how we spend our time.

We often let the important things take the back seat, to the ‘urgent’ things, well what we perceive as urgent. Just as you would schedule all your other appointments and to-do list items, you should make sure to add in the actions associated with your goals. This way they become part of your daily life, the momentum builds, and you stay motivated, and before you know it, your dreams start to become your reality.

Crafting a big vision for yourself is the first step. This vision should be big and inspiring, taking into consideration your passion and purpose. Then set smaller goals to help you achieve the vision. Don't write them down and let them gather dust, review and update them to keep them fresh on your mind. When writing, reviewing, and updating some question syou can ask yourself are:

Am I still committed to this goal?

Am I still inspired by this?

Is this still something I want to do?

And if so, why?

If not, is it time to let go of this goal?

Setting time aside to regularly review, consider, re-write your goals could be some of the most inspirational time you ever spend.

When we are completely honest with ourselves, and realize some of the goals just aren't cutting it anymore, we immediately free up precious time, energy and inspiration to dedicate to the goals that are aligned with us. Never be afraid to edit, change, or completely get rid of a goal.