Route To Sucess

Many of my clients come to me to increasing their fulfilment with work. They want to find work that excites them, that gives them meaning, that feels GOOD, but aren’t exactly sure what that looks like for them.

So some of the first questions I ask them are: What are they passionate about? What are their biggest strengths? What unique skills, attributes and talents do they hold? What kind of lifestyle do they want to lead? What would their dream job look like? How do the want to feel?

You see, many women are so caught up with climbing the ladder of success that they don’t even question why they want to, where it will take them, or if they'll enjoy it once they get there. You can spend your entire career chasing the next rung on the ladder without ever stopping to ask yourself if your ladder is up against the right wall.

It’s not until you finally reach the promotion that you realize you’re not quite as happy as you thought you would be and that promotion you so longed for becomes a source of frustration. Wasn’t it supposed to solve everything?

If your career move wasn't rooted in a strong understanding of your personal foundation, who you are intrinsically; your values, your needs, your strengths, your biggest passions, your vision for your life, it’s likely that you won't find the satisfaction you so deeply desire. It will actually amplify the deep yearning for more.

Most of my clients have blinders on, they see themselves in only one particular industry or role, without truly knowing why. Once they get to know themselves on a much deeper level, and truly understand what makes them tick, they start to realize that there are so many dream roles for them out there, not just one. They just needed someone to help them with the possibilities and to articulate their deep desires.

Remember, careers are a jungle gym, not a straight ladder.

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The key to career satisfaction, and to deciphering your “dream job” lies in three key pillars:

What your passionate about

What you’re best in the world at

How you make you an income.

Sounds simple doesn’t it?

But uncovering this golden answer is no easy task, and it’s certainly not for the faint hearted. It takes time, dedication, and a lot of energy devoted solely to YOU. You have to really want it, and be willing to do what it takes to get there. (Trust me, it is definitely worth it!)

So I encourage you to step back from your life right now.

Remove yourself from your job role, your company, even your whole industry.

Allow yourself to see the BIG picture.

What is your underlying passion? What is your purpose?

What did you dream of being when you were a kid? Perhaps its time to sign up for Space Camp or intern as an assistant to a marine biologist. Recapturing the excitement of childhood isn’t impossible. In fact, its required. There are no more chains – or excuses – to hold you back.

Asking yourself this may seem silly at first, but digging around into your unique passions, the things that excite you and light you up – that is exactly where you need to be to discover your dream job.

Then you need to make it happen. Step outside of your comfort zone, and commit to your goal.

After all, it comes down to how YOU define success for yourself?

Measure yourself and your progress against that, not to anyone else’s definition of success.