Discover Your Passion

It seems everywhere you turn these days someone is spreading this message of following your heart, your passion, or your dream.

Me! I'm one of the people telling you to do that!

But I’m also aware that these statements can be extremely overwhelming. Just the word ‘passion’ is liable to cause people anxiety. We start comparison as you’re alerted to the fact that you actually have NO CLUE what your passion is.

This is no surprise really. 

Most of us were educated in a system that didn't nuture our natural talents or point us to things that we enjoyed doing. Instead it focused on an algorithm for success and molded us to fit that algorithm.

 Compounding this we work in a culture that promotes success and money making at the expense of our quality of life, fulfilment and joy. We are pushed to keep climbing that corporate ladder, even if our ladder is up against the wrong wall completely!

Creativity, passion, and ultimately – working out what we’re on this planet to do was considered a waste of time and on the road to being a "starving artist". Which is why so many of us arrive at this point in our lives. 

The good news is that it doesn't have this way and this doesn’t have to be where we stay.


Living a fulfilling, passionate and purpose-driven life is completely achievable. First we have to uncovering your unique passion.


To get started, here are some of the best tips and tools I know to help start to uncover your passions.

Before you start though, it’s important to become aware of your attitude and perspective towards yourself and to this work. The key to approaching this self-discovery journey is in embracing the right mindset.

Mindset Check-List:

+ Be curious – have a mind that is open to possibility.

+ Let go of past experiences, expectations and judgements.

+ Passion does not equate to your career or making money (yet!)

+ This is a process - know that you are exactly where you need to be at this very moment.

+ This is not a race - Don’t rush or force the process.

6 Steps to Discovering Your Passion


Let the process flow, you never know where inspiration may suddenly come from, and what delightful surprises lay ahead of you. There is only so much ‘thinking’ we can do – our brains can only take us so far, the rest has to come organically without force. Enjoy the journey, each twist and turn will lead you closer to your passion.


Clear out some expansive white space for your creativity to flourish. Get outside, meditate, draw, journal, or play music – switch your brain off, and notice where your heart naturally wanders. When was the last time you took time out for YOU? Slow yourself down from the hustle & bustle of life. The things you are drawn to are no accident, they are your passion calling you.


It’s simple – whatever you devote your time and energy towards will grow and expand. If you want to know yourself deeper, connect more strongly – you simply have to spend time with yourself, alone, without distraction. Re-connect to your heart and your soul. Some questions to ask yourself are: What did I enjoy as a child? What do I love doing in my spare time? When do I feel the most alive? What can I talk about all day?


Ask yourself questions like: WHY do I love X? Digging deeper into your WHY peels away the layers to reveal the fundamental unique passion in your life. Is it making a difference in the world? Connecting with people? Leading and inspiring others? Your passion shows up in your life in many different forms – cooking, travelling, dancing etc. There is always ONE underlying theme woven through these activities that cuts to the core of your passion. 


Fear is a GOOD thing! Contrary to popular belief, fear is a sign you are stepping out of your comfort zone and when you push out of your comfort zone, fear has a field day. Outside of our comfort zone is where all the magic happens! Lean into this uncomfortable feeling, and start to embrace it as a sign you’re on the right path. It's funny that fear and excitement feel exactly the same way in your body; it’s purely your mind that labels one as ‘good’ and the other as ‘bad’.


Self-limiting beliefs, disconnection and fear can sabotage your success. You don’t know what you don’t know, and you’re not always aware of what’s blocking your progress. I’ve helped numerous clients uncover passions they never knew existed, and with this insight have dramatically changed their life. You could DIY it alone, but nothing is as effective and efficient as the transformational power of one on one life coaching. It’s an investment in YOU.

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