Living Your Life

Intentional Living is the whole notion of living on purpose and being conscious about the choices we make, the way we lead our life and the type of lifestyle we get to create.

You, and only you get to decide what you do with your time on this planet. YOU get to create your life.

Do you really want to dedicate your best years to being a slave for someone else, waiting for retirement to enjoy your life? Life is too precious and important to be put on hold or put on hold until you can afford to enjoy yourself.

What we consider to be normal is buying the things you want but not really enjoying the things you buy or the people you live with.

You can have both life and lifestyle, but only one is going to give you sustained contentment. Think about how much of your life is being consumed by your lifestyle? There’s nothing wrong with leading the great lifestyle, as long as it doesn’t lead you!

Here’s what I love about the lifestyle I have consciously chosen for myself: I get slow mornings every day; Each day is different; My office is where I choose; I have flexibility with my day; and I get to work from home when I want. In one word? FREEDOM.

Now these things may not be what you thought about, but know that whatever you thought, you can have.

There are some things that I had to let go of, but most of them were related to my ego anyway: a fancy job title and ‘important’ meetings with ‘important’ clients. These changes came with my change in career. We spend the majority of our waking lives at work, so if you are looking to change your lifestyle, the first place you need to start looking is your career.

Think about the type of lifestyle you want to create for yourself, for your family. The actions you take need to be more aligned and push you towards the goal or dream you thought about. When you make steps towards the goal, ultimately, you feel bigger, more complete, more aligned and connected. Make sure that you are building a solid foundation out of substance; your values, your passions, your authentic desires. Leave your ego at the door, and let go of any pre-conceived notions of what your life should look like.

The question is – Are you working for a lifestyle or are you living your life?


- Identify what about your life isn’t really YOU at all

- Identify where you are in debt because you are feeding a lifestyle

- Identify who and what gives you life compared to who are merely players in your lifestyle

- Downsize or even toss out the lifestyle stuff that’s detracting you from living life

- Write down what your ideal life would be and chuck out the lifestyle and see what’s left

Get to know what your values are and the clearer you can be on your own life vision, the more chance you have of living your lifestyle intentionally. You can then set very clear, inspiring goals, as you live in possibility, making choices daily that align with those goals.

So what is it you want to create for your life?