I'll Meet You There

How do you hold your BIG vision, when your no where you want to be in this moment?

How do you stay driven, empowered and faith-full to that vision, when it feels so far away?

These are questions that many of my clients think and ask about. 

A big part of my vision is GRACE.

It’s a life partner, friendship and passion, growing a family together, and being a wife and a mom. Out of everything in my vision, this is probably THE most important thing to me.

During my morning meditations I try to be in the moment... present, and just ok with where I am? I know that it's better for me to just let go of the pressure, the expectation and the yearning for things to be different. Finding my joy in what I have right now and where I am right now.

I mean, for arguments sake, what if I never accomplish any of the goals I set for myself? I may never grow my business to where I can hire other people. As scary as that thought is, does that mean I am never going to let myself be happy in my business now? Am I always going to be wanting something more or different? Life is too short to surrender my own happiness like that.

The buddhist say that our desire to change what is, is our sole source of unhappiness.

We’re all stuck on the treadmill of pursuing self-indulgence, always wanting more and more.

“I’ll be happy when . . [fill in the blank]”

How many times have you said to yourself? It could be getting a promotion, losing weight, finishing a project, buying a house, landing your dream job, having a baby, paying off your credit card, etc. Whatever it is, it's always just out of our reach like a carrot dangling in front of us.

Here's the problem: we're placing our happiness outside of us and giving away our power to external circumstances. In the process we are completely stealing our own joy!

If comparison is the thief of joy, what happens when the comparison is with our own self? What happens when we compare our current self to our future (perceived) more ‘successful’ version of ourself? Our joy disappears!

Does this mean that you shouldn’t ever want more? That you shouldn’t desire to improve yourself or your life? Absolutely not!

So how do you hold that BIG vision and deal with your present reality?

Ask youself the question: “Is it possible to have gratitude for what you have right now, while still wanting more?” Short answer... Yes!

What does gratitude while still striving look like?

For me, this could look like total and utter self-acceptance and surrender. It means celebrating and embracing where I am in my life because I'm further along than I was before. To relish in the solitude, freedom, love, and abundance of the time that I have. If I resist this, it only makes me focus on the past or the future, neither of which helps me to enjoy today, instead causes me anxiety.

It doesn’t mean I don’t want to reach my goals, because I really do, and I am committed to them. However, I'll make the process a lot more enjoyable if I meet myself where I’m at with love, grace, compassion and humor.

We've all heard that the law of attraction brings to reality what we think about, and I believe there is some truth to that. If you have something at the front of your mind, that is where your heart is and where your energy goes. So I want to make sure that my energy is one of love, one that is aligned with my deepest desire. I'll do this through speaking to myself kindly, acts of self love, meditation, and filling up my cup. Keeping in mind how I want to feel through my life. I want to fell fulfilled.

That’s IT.

And the same goes for you.

No matter what the goal, you will never achieve it if you’re not being the best version of yourself, and if you’re wasting your energy on the past or future. Live in the now and be present.

That’s kinda comforting to know, right? That you don’t have to be so wrapped up in the external, in the pushing, the striving, the ‘hustle’... that the most important thing is to keep your energy high, and keep your mindset in check.

There should to be an element of fluidity as we achieve our goals. It shouldn’t feel like we’re pushing uphill, so here are 3 questionsto ask yourself to 'meet yourself where you’re at':

How can you embody more fluidity towards your current goals?

Where are you feeling resistance and what is that really about?

How can you show yourself compassion for exactly where you are today?

Remember, things are ALWAYS changing. That's the law of our natural world. So know that your current circumstances don’t define you, and will not always look like this.

So remove the weight off your shoulders, take a deep big breath, and relax. Hug yourself and know it’s all going to be OK. Surrender and grace as everything is unfolding in divine timing.