What is Life Coaching?

Too many of us believe that life can be assembled like a table from Ikea. This part goes here, that part goes there, put this thing on top and viola! You have yourself a fully functioning adult... or new table...whichever!

The truth: As you define your life, it defines you.

Or do you just let life kind of happen to you? Just going with the flow or following a set of instructions, we all do it, or have done it before.

All of these elements of our lives, a trusted group of friends to share life with, health and wellness, a career you love, a happy home... all of these are essential for having some kind of order. What if this collection of random parts didn't match or build something functional? You’d hardly be living a life that serves you.

This is where YOU come in.

I can help you with loving guidance and a whole bag of tools and techniques, but you’re the one who makes the changes.

When you wake up feeling happy, that’s all you.

When you land your dream career, that’s you again.

When you stand in the mirror and think “Smoking!”, you’re the one who did the work, not me.

You take the responsibility.

When you work with me, we’ll make sure you’re totally up to the task of being the one who calls the shots!

With my gentle guidance and loving encouragement, you'll assemble a life that you feel excited about, with all the parts fitting in harmony with your passions and purpose, intentions and goals.

Sounds beautiful, right?


Coaching is a widely used tool that athletes, politicians, speakers, change-markers and business leaders use to achieve success. Success means different things to different people so a coach helps you to define that meaning for you.

Oprah has one.

Tony Robbins has one.

Marie Forleo has one.

They didn’t win the luck lottery. They had the audacity to dream BIG. They created a clear vision, put on their hard hats and just got to work. They had a team of coaches, advisors, assistants and cheerleaders on their side.

Life coaching is about getting real about what lights you up. The individual benefits are HUGE, but you're not the only one who benefits. The people in your life also benefit as cycles are broken and you change your mindset to reach your big dreams. Creating positive shifts, career advances, and a happier internal environment. Working in a completely confidential setting life coaching will help you to break down barriers to success and challenge you to reach new levels of self-acceptance, self-esteem, and self-confidence!