Wardrobe Audit

Do you want to change your wardrobe or style and

don't know where to start?

Are you ready and willing to do the work to make that change happen?

I know I can make a huge difference in helping you

dress in a way that aligns with your style and your lifestyle. 

My goal is to hear you, understand you, and help you move forward, so that you can live your life in authenticity and with purpose. 

Coaching packages

  • Authentic Style

    Confident Style Curator

    Are you overwhelmed with closet chaos? Or maybe you just want a less complicated wardrobe? Does the thought of purchasing a whole new wardrobe seem daunting and expensive? 

  • True To You

    Reclaim & Reframe

    You struggle with your confidence and courage, not able to release your dreams into the world. Turn your thoughts into action and your dreams into reality. 

  • The New True Membership

    Sister Circle

    You know that you are made for more, you just can't seem to focus on it. You're ready for some real growth in your life. You believe that you can create what offers you joy, happiness, and personal meaning