Coffee Chat

Do you want to align your faith and personality but don't know where to start?

Are you ready and willing to do the work to make that change happen?

I can help you live in a way that aligns with your personality and your purpose. 

My goal is to hear you, understand you, and help you move forward, so that you can live your life in authenticity and with purpose. 

Coaching packages

  • Empowered with Freedom

    Uncaged Confidence

    For women who are creative rebels that want to feel confident in the decisions they make, even when they're going against the masses or blazing their own trail. 

  • True To You

    Reclaim & Reframe

    A 6-month 1:1 program for Christian women who feel like the black sheep in their church community. 

  • The New True Membership

    Sister Circle

    You know that you are made for more, you just can't seem to focus on it. You're ready for some real growth in your life. You believe that you can create what offers you joy, happiness, and personal meaning