Intentional Wardrobe Series

Maintaining Your Wardrobe

We are in the home stretch of you having the wardrobe of your dreams. In the last post we talked about Creating a Color Palette that’s suitable for you and your style. Let’s talk about ways of maintaining your wardrobe with intention.

The easiest way for me to maintain my wardrobe is to stay focused. I know the latest trends are so cute, and maybe that “pop of pink” caught your eye, but the easiest way to destroy the magic you’ve made with your wardrobe, is to shop without intention. Am I saying that you shouldn’t shop… ever…? NO! That would be ridiculous. It’s about knowing what you’re looking for and staying away from things you don’t need… kinda like when you grocery shop 😉 . You need to have a plan. It can be hard to adjust to having a plan when you shop for clothes but believe me, it’s well worth it.


Before you even head out to go shopping, make a list. Keep in mind your wardrobe goals, like items that are missing from your wardrobe, specific colors, specific fabrics and proper fit. I’ve created a shopping list printable to help you out. Download it by clicking the image right.


When we went over putting together your list of essentials in step 3, you probably had a few items that you didn’t own. If there are items that you need that will make your wardrobe more wearable, put them on your list and save up to buy the best quality you can afford… please don’t go bankrupt for your wardrobe. Invest in quality pieces, but whenever possible go to a second-hand store or app, there are plenty out there. Sometimes you’ll find better quality items or unique pieces, than at high-end stores.


Buy basics and essentials in a neutral palette or colors that you chose for your color palette from step 4. Keeping things neutral means that you’re more likely to be able to create a few different outfits with pieces you already own. It’s okay for basics to not cost so much, because they serve more as wardrobe fillers. They can also be replaced easily.

Remember, your wardrobe is not a numbers game. An Intentional Wardrobe is not about owning or doing as little as possible, it’s about owning and doing the right things for you and adding value to your life.


The key to an intentional wardrobe is to begin with intention. This just means that you know what you need BEFORE you go shopping. Sales are great but in the beginning you want to avoid them. Why? Sales are a temptation to buy things just because it’s a great deal. Avoiding sales gives you time to think about what you’re purchasing… maybe even think about it for a day or two. When I’m considering a purchase I ask myself the following questions:

1. Does this item fit my personal style?

2. What function does this item have in my wardrobe?

3. Can I create at least 4 outfits with this item?

4. Does the fabric feel comfortable?


Your wardrobe may never be “complete”, because your style is ever changing. Keep evolving into the style that you love, don’t be afraid to change your color palette or try a mix of styles… come up with your own style! Remember it only has to make sense to you and only you need to feel confident in wearing it. Edit often to get rid of items that are just taking up space. Remember to have fun with this process!