You're ready to leave your legacy

Reclaim & Reframe

It's never too late to reclaim your true identity and confidence, release your creativity, and unearth your buried dreams.

New Ways of Taking Ideas to Action

Does this sound familiar:

You want to go deeper. You have very specific areas you want to work on and transform. You have an idea or plan you want to put into action for your life and you're ready to get to work.

This time is different for you. You want sustainable transformation and lasting change, and you also want to create an impact in the lives of others. You know everyone leaves a legacy, and you are ready to leave yours.

You may have already begun to make changes are in transition but you want someone walking alongside you, to help you align with your core in a big way. 

Or does this sound like you:

You're serious about your own growth and development, you aren't new to it, but you are ready to move into the action and have someone support you as you design, develop and implement what you are called to create. Someone who can get you beyond your sticking points and fears. Someone who reminds you that you should be consistently creating from your heart and your head for your life to be in alignment.

This is deep, focused work. It requires taking action in light of fear and uncertainty. It is not for the faint of heart... I love this work!


This is a tailor-made program that includes:

- An individualized, personally designed program based entirely on what you want to go deeper, bring clarity to, take action on, and transform.

- A personal assessment of what is currently happening in your world, where you want to head, and what you think is holding you back or stopping you from getting there.

- A detailed plan to help you create what is next for you. 

- Ten x 50 minutes sessions for 12 weeks

- Personal support between sessions.

- Aftercare for one month via Voxer/email.

- Tailored tools, techniques, ideas, and information for you to work on between sessions to maintain the momentum of your plan 

- A private coaching area for us to communicate and to share what you are working on and connect easily.

Before we begin:

Please complete the intake form. Your answers on this form will allow me to identify if I am the right fit and coach for you at this time.

How we start:

After we have clarified we can work together. We begin.

I will send you an assessment. This assessment will go deep. You will be asked to delve in and share more about who you are, what you really want to work on, and what’s happening now.

The purpose is to gather as much detail, feeling, and information as possible, especially surrounding where you really want to go and what is currently stopping you from getting there.

"We are all capable of change and growth; we just need to know where to begin."

- Blaine Lee Pardoe

Getting personal:

Once I've received your self-assessment I will design your personal coaching plan. This plan will include all areas you wish to look at and some that I may suggest you address. There will be goals, objectives, and intentions for our time together. It will also include values that I recommend need your attention and where you're not aligned. I may also suggest additional tools for you to complete, which will be posted in your private coaching area. Your plan will detail why, what, how of what we are covering. For every session, and in between, you will have clarity and focus on what needs to be completed and why.

Our time together: 

You will receive ten 50-minute sessions for 12 weeks (virtually or face-to-face if possible). These will be recorded and made available for you to review in your private area. In between our sessions, you will receive accountability and support via Voxer/email.

We are together for three months. The time we spend together will be focused on implementing your plan and allowing space and time for you to get clear in many areas of your life. You'll have the opportunity to learn and implement tools, ideas, and practices that will serve you well into the future once the three months are over.

Between sessions:

You’ll receive email support and follow-up between all our calls and for one month after your last session. In between calls, you may need advice and guidance or you may have a question that just can’t wait until our next session. 

The commitment is 3 months. Between sessions, you will be working on agreements and commitments made during calls, and other resources that are especially for you and your coaching plan to help you realize your own dreams.

Your Own Private Work/Support Area 

You will be given access to your own private coaching area with your own password to access. This is a private space for us to communicate.

In this private space. you can post questions, ideas, thoughts, plans, goals. You can ask for feedback on what you are working on. I will post specific tools and documents for you. It’s also used to keep a written record of all your action plans and intentions – weekly, daily, for the whole program. I will be available to you for help, support, feedback on what you ask for, and accountability. I am on your side. I will not stand over you harshly with a whip, but I will support and help you stay on track.

If you’ve been struggling with your confidence and courage and releasing your dreams into the world, this program is for you. It's time to do work that is meaningful and rewarding to you.

*Payment option available