Welcome to Style Coaching L.A.

My name is Stephanie Hicks. I’m a Confidence & Style Coach based in Simi Valley, CA.

My personal convictions that confidence is connected to the way we dress, and that every person has a unique personal style is what led me to pursue my career in confidence and style coaching. 


I have experience working in medical, church ministry, counseling and internet technology industries. You can learn more about me and my personal brand at: www.stephaniehicks.co


I’ve worked with clients in several fields and positions, including marketing, sustainability, fitness, alternative healthcare, and entrepreneurial. The industry you’re in doesn’t make a huge difference. 

What does matter is that you have a coachable attitude and are willing to put in the effort required to transform your style and wardrobe! Want to learn more about how career coaching can help you? Schedule your free wardrobe/style planning call!