“Fashion has never been my claim to fame. There’s only so much one can do with black and brown…the two colors that always seem to end up in my closet. A trip to the store was a means of survival because that one sweater that went with THE brown pants is now beyond repair. The whole wardrobe issue got really bad as I entered my 40’s and the dreaded stomach pouch sneaked up on me. Belts and tucked-in shirts became became a thing of the past. I started wearing over-sized clothes before I even needed them and then I finally grew into them …Whoa! Pump the brakes! I’m too young for this!!! I eventually got tired of being tired, started changing my diet and losing weight. Stephanie contacted me just at the right time to help get my wardrobe in line too.

I had been thinking of re-doing my wardrobe but wasn’t quite sure where to start. Stephanie helped me to identify the items in my wardrobe that I should keep and which ones to give away, for example, those oversized shirts! It was encouraging to know that I didn’t have to start from rock bottom. At the same time, I needed the extra nudge to get rid of some stuff that I should have thrown out a LONG time ago!

Now, I’m in the process of organizing my closet and building upon the items that I kept. Shopping is fun now that I have an idea of what to look for – items I can mix and match with my new style and those that compliment my body type. So if you’re struggling with your wardrobe, or just need a little change in style, I strongly recommend that you contact Stephanie ASAP!”


“Wow! What a huge difference! Thanks for your input on my closet, Stephanie. I never thought that my closet could look so organized and neat. Normally, I would just throw things in wherever there was space. It was a little overwhelming to get rid of things but such a relief to see how much I’ve learned about me. I would hold on to things that where not needed or wanted. It was so freeing (if that’s a word) to finally let go! Finding out what MY style is, including a color palette to guide me in shopping for what looks best on me and liking it. This was definitely a journey and glad I took it.”


"Stephanie Hicks is talented and FUN! She is well worth the investment because she helps you stop wasting money on clothes that don't work for you and end up just sitting in your closet, collecting dust. She helps narrow down what you need and makes it easier to get dressed.

I've never really felt very stylish, especially as a single mom, but I recently was told by a new friend how she admires my style because my outfits always look so cute on me. That unexpected compliment really made me feel good.

I'm so happy I found Stephanie. She makes me look good and we have a ton of fun on our chats, too."


"Stephanie is so gifted, talented and knowledgeable when it comes to finding the perfect clothes and colors for your specific body and style. Not only that she is fun to shop with!

She has equipped my husband and I with the knowledge and tools we need to easily shop for ourselves making it fun and easy to spot the clothes that are perfect for us.

I no longer waste time sorting through clothes and getting overwhelmed.

I am happy to say that I am now confident to walk into a store or look at a catalog knowing what will look the best on my body and for my personal style!

Thank you Stephanie for helping me revolutionize my style, closet and shopping know how all within my budget🙂"


"Thank you for making me brave again to wear button down shirts. It had been years since I had worn one let alone tuck a shirt in. She is the best personal stylist around. She picks out affordable pieces for me and then helps me use them with various looks just for me.

At our initial consultation we did a video chat and she took the time to learn about me, my lifestyle, my tastes, my fashion comfort level, and where I was willing to change up. 

 After almost a year with her, I'm comfortable with her making me look fabulous, fierce, yet comfortable. She has made me way more adventurous with my wardrobe than I would on my own while still feeling comfortable. I highly recommend her for the working moms who are looking to be trendy yet modest."


"She takes time to personalize each one to MY style, MY needs (not just what the current trends are). She lets me know what would be flattering to my shape, and doesn't cost an arm and a leg either!"

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